The darkly passionate, rage-filled music with an added touch of distinctly Latino worldview created by DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, started in Los Angeles, California in 2005 as a side project by Andres Jaramillo (guitar) and Alfonso Pinzon (drums) of the South American thrash powerhouse AGONY. Initially they were joined by BODY COUNT's bassist Vincent Price who would work with them in their first recording effort titled "Day of the Dead" (2005). Unable to find an official singer, the band asked a few friends in music to write lyrics and record vocals over the first instrumental tracks that were written. That's how the band created a 'brotherhood' around their music and the bilingual Latino concept of the band's name, meaning and background. A "familia" that would be more than the sum of the individual pieces.

Mixed by producer/guitarist extraordinaire Roy Z, "Day of the Dead" is a 5 song raw metal assault, featuring vocals by Tony Campos aka Maldito X (SOULFLY, MINISTRY, PRONG, STATIC-X, ASESINO), Andres Gimenez (A.N.I.M.A.L./De La Tierra), Loana dP Valencia (DREAMS OF DAMNATION), Alex Okendo (MASACRE), Alfonso Pinzon and Vincent Price.
The band's first and highly successful performance was at the world's largest 'free of charge' rock festival Rock Al Parque in Bogota (Colombia) in 2006.

Following a short hiatus, and after playing a number of local Los Angeles shows, the second album "Satanico-Dramatico" was released for free download in 2011. With Loana Valencia on vocals, the band reformed including guitar player Adrian Villanueva (ENGRAVE/SADISTIC INTENT), and bassist Alejandro Corredor (NAUSEA). Once again it was Roy Z the man in charge of mixing the album, which this time included guests vocals performed by Jeff Walker (CARCASS/BRUJERIA), Scott Carlson (REPULSION), Anton Reisenegger (CRIMINAL, LOCK UP, PENTAGRAM), Boris Bonillo (LETUM ASCENSUS) and again both Maldito X and Andres Gimenez. A special appearance from Jonny Coffin (DEATH RIDERS) on guitar is also featured on the instrumental title-track.
After performing several sold-out shows in Los Angeles during 2010 and 2011, the band embarked in the first Mexico Tour, which included Mexico City, Morelia, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi. The band returned to Mexico in May 2012 to play a cult festival at the famous Circo Volador, sharing the stage with legendary BRUTAL TRUTH, TANKARD & VOIVOD.

But it was 2013 the year filled with international shows, as the band's first latino american Tour took DDLM to The Metal Fest in Chile, Teatro Flores in Argentina (opening for CARCASS), Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Guadalajara (Mexico), Del Putas Fest in Medellin (Colombia). The band then headed to Europe to play Resurrection Fest in Spain, then returned to Mexico for a second leg in the north-west, and closed the touring cycle with performances in Mexico City and Morelia for the Day of the Dead celebrations.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is once again scheduled to perform at Latin America's biggest metal festival, Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2014 which will take place in Mexico City on March 15-16 and will be headlined by rock titans KISS.
Following the band's METAL FOR THE MASSES (and free music for all!) philosophy, "No Money No Fiesta", the band's second EP was released on March 14, and its available for free download at official DDLM website. Mixed by Roy Z, includes a version of Brazil's legendary SARCOFAGO: "Crush Kill Destroy". The band's first oficial video by acclaimed film director Thomas Mignone, starring David Vincent of MORBID ANGEL, of the single "Cantina Del Infierno" was released on May 10.

In 2014, DIA DE LOS MUERTOS once again performed at Latin America's biggest metal festival, Hell & Heaven Metal Fest which took place in Mexico City on October 24-25, playing in the same stage as rock titans KISS. To close this highly succesful year, the band participated in the Festival del Diablo, held in Bogota, Colombia, on December 6, alongside CARCASS, BRUJERIA & INQUISITION.

Most recent shows include co-headlining Venezuela's Suena Caracas 2015 festival, with BRUJERIA, and the world's biggest metal cruise, 70,000 Tons of Metal 2016.

Presently, DDLM is in the process of creating the musical framework of their next venture.