There's plenty of room in hell

L.A.'s Dia De Los Muertos (translation: Day of the Dead) equally math their metallic eclecticism with metallic generosity. They want you to own this record. In fact, they believe in ther predominantly Spanish-screamed, thrash-y death metal so much that they are giving the damned thing away for free via download on their website.

The diverse disc, produced by dB bro and notorious Carcass bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker, features about nine flavors of death, made all the more varied by the constant rotation of vocalists. Guest barkers include members of Asesino, Static-X, Ministry, Repulsion, A.N.I.M.A.L. and Letum Ascensus. Not counting Walker, the vocalists total six; but the band's own, Loana dP Valencia, owns it.

Opener "Las Calaveras Del Terror" offers a Spanish guitar intro that unexpectedly lunges into a bruising chug assault. Spiraling out of the chug, the tune clings to the intros Spanish/classical themes by getting all melodic and -with a wink and headbang to Walker- seems to explore the rock side of Carcass's latter period. Subsequent tunes dabble in Slayer pyrotechnics ("Bestia De Las Mil Cabezas"), rocked-out Bolt Thrower-like mojo ("Plague Mass"), old-school DM blasting ("Sigo Siendo El Rey), and even cleanly sung, Pantera-esque heavy metal ("Sigo Vivo"). For further outside-the-lines scribbling, check out the self-titled album closer, which catches big waves on somber surf rock.

Sorry, though: the power metal fist-pumping bits during the Dick Dale beach-bum action don't add much. But that is just one miss; other better moments also vibe Sepultura, At the Gates, Entombed and Deicide. An undeniably solid album at even half the price. -SHAWN BOSLER